About Us


 A Contemporary Brand with a Purpose


It all started over coffee & passionate discussions that led to a simple idea: entrepreneurship initiatives can create social change in emerging economies. Pakistani handicrafts are loved & appreciated worldwide. However, there seems to be an obvious disconnect, where ethically responsible artisans are unable to access equal economic opportunities. They often don't benefit from their work due to the lack of fair trade practices & limited market exposure.

To materialize this blend of historic tradition with modernity, we decided to name the brand Wardak وردك; meaning "victor" in Pashto. The idea encapsulates the spirit of a never ending resolve of the pukhtoon tradition while expressing its subtleties through design and craft.

It is our mission to bridge this gap by showcasing beautiful, authentic Pakistani handicrafts & supporting the talented local artisans who make them by providing access to the global marketplace. All while simultaneously sharing the vibrancy & rich culture of our country with the world.